Study in Moscow (Russia)
➨Tuition fee paid on arrival in Russia
➨No Funds required
➨European Life Standard
➨Worldwide Acceptance of Russian Method of teaching
➨No IELTS or TOEFL required
➨Quality Education
➨International Organization
➨No Entry Test
Part time job allow
No Consultancy fee
Process time 30/40 days
Gap acceptable
Minimum Qualification Secondary,10th,Metric
One year Russian Language Course: 2100 USD
In Russian Federation, Tuition fee and other Living Expenses are higher in Moscow and Saint Petersburg than all other cities of Russian Federation.
Students, who want to join any course in English medium of Instruction, can join their course directly from 1st year. Those students who want to study in Russian medium of Instruction they must have to complete one year Preparatory department before starting the main course or their speciality.
Student will pay their complete first year expenses upon arrival in Russia. We should send you the Original invitation letter and visa confirmation letter through Courier.
Preparatory course is compulsory only for those students who want to study further in Russian. Students, who want to study in English, don’t need to join Preparatory department.
Admission Requirements
Russian Universities offers free merit admission system for International students. All students who have secondary school certificate have right to get admission at Russian State Universities.
We don’t require any specific marks or grades for admission at any course.
➥Bachelors 4 years
➥Medicine 6 years
➥Dentistry 5 years
➥Pharmacy 5 years
We offer a wide range of services to our students, such as:
Accommodation arrangement
Issuance of Admission letter & Invitation letter
Financial guidance
Admission process at University
Settlement at University accommodation
Registration process, medical check-ups
Invitation letter from a certain/recommended University from FMS (the Federal Migration Service)
Visa Supporting Letter from the Federal Migration Service (via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Airport pickup.
Transportation to the University.
Assistance in getting Health Insurance
Assistance in Registration at University and Visa Registration at the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation (FMS)
Assistance in paying Tuition fees to the University
Student ID card, International student card (free of cost)
Providing support to our students during a whole period of studies
Extension of Visa from FMS (the Federal Migration Service) department
Orientation program for students in the local environment (city exploration)
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