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Doctoral level study programmes (PHD) Courses in Latvia:

1-Doctor of Pedagogy Science
2- Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
3-Doctor of Agricultural Engineering Science (Doctor of Agricultural Engineering Science)
4-Doctor of Economics (Doctoral Study Programme Agrarian and Regional Economics)
5-Doctor of Engineering Food Science (Doctoral Study Programme Food Science)
6-Doctor of Forest Science ( Doctor of Forest Science)
7-Doctor of Engineering in Environmental (Doctoral Study Programme Environmental Engineering)
8-Doctor of Science in Architecture (Doctoral Study Programme Landscape Architecture)
9-Doctor of water Engineering (Doctoral Study Programme Water Engineering
10-Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Doctoral study programme Veterinary Medicine )
11-Doctor of Civil Engineering (Doctoral study programme Civil Engineering)
12-Doctor of Engineering (Doctoral study programme Wood Materials and Technology)
13-Doctor of Engineering (Doctoral study programme Information Technologies)