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Kodolányi János University of Applied Sciences (KJU) has been operating since 1992. In the beginning there were only 147 students sitting behind the desks on a single campus; today we educate more than 4,000 students in the areas of business administration, communication, tourism, linguistics, humanities, applied social studies, international relations, performance arts, and continuing education. Our university college operates in five different locations throughout .the country (including the capital city, Budapest), with an additional campus in Austria. We employ more than 200 highly qualified faculty members making KJU the largest non-governmental, non-profit institution of higher education in Hungary.

Hungarian higher education has a long history; the first university was founded in 1367. The modern higher education system consisting of universities and colleges emerged in the 20th century. A measure of Hungary’s success in contributing to the world’s intellectual heritage is the fact that thirteen Nobel Prize winners were educated in the country. The ball-point pen, phosphorus matches, Rubik’s cube, the electric train and the telephone exchange are among the many items invented by Hungarians, and we must not forget the long list of famous composers, painters and artists, such as Zoltán Kodály, Béla Bartók, and Victor Vasarely.

During the last several years we have developed more than 260 partnerships with institutions in 36 countries worldwide. We participate in student-, faculty- and trainee- exchange programmes, and international R&D projects. Within the framework of our International Campus Programme, we welcome international students for full-time, part-time and E-learning studies, organise lifelong training courses, summer university courses and launch academic programmes abroad. Several bachelor’s degree programmes offered in English, German and Hungarian languages provide sound knowledge, competitive skills and competencies that can serve as a basis for a successful career.

At KJU, a wide range of international programmes have been set up for exchange students, visiting students and study abroad students from all over the world. The open study courses tailored to professionals offer excellent opportunities to broaden their horizons in a variety of subject areas.

Courses Offered:

1-International Preparatory Program (IPP), duration 6 months,( Beginner to join future courses)

2-International Foundation Year Program (IFYP), duration 2 semesters 4500 Euro year

3-BA in TOURISM & HOSPITALITY 4500 Euro year



6-MSc in TOURISM MANAGEMENT  4500 Euro year

7-MA in TOURISM MANAGEMENT  4500 Euro year