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Óbuda University, the legal successor of Budapest Tech – or rather its legal predecessors: Bánki Donát Polytechnic, Kandó Kálmán Polytechnic and the Technical College of Light Industry – was established on January 1, 2010.
The new university is characterized by fostering traditions and monitoring improvement and development. We are proud to announce ourselves as the legal successor to Royal Hungarian State Higher Vocational School, established in 1879 and afterwards renewed. The professors of the institution – such as Dániel Arany, Aladár Illés Edvi, Jenő Egerváry, Ödön Faragó, Géza Jalsoviczky, Ödön Lencz, Gusztáv Klemp, Lajos Petrik and many others – contributed significantly to the domestic development and the international reputation of the school.

The university is the intellectual heir of former Óbuda University, which was re-established 600 years ago on August 1, 1410. As the papal bull mentioned the re-establishment of Óbuda University:

’ … We determine and order the university to exist for good in the named town of Óbuda … with all permitted faculties, the university’s professors enjoy the privilege and freedom, which had been donated to the scientists and masters at Paris, Bologna, Oxford and Cologne Universities… by the Apostolic Holy See, the Roman Empire or any other body.

Our high level education is going on in various faculties and centers. These faculties are found in the most beautiful parts of Budapest and Székesfehérvár.

We have 6 faculties, 1 education center, and 3 doctoral schools. See on the right.

The mission of the university is to serve the economy through development and high-level knowledge transfer and innovation. The program of education is balanced to meet the demands of long-lasting basic knowledge, up-to-date professional and practical knowledge, and the application of these. The education process is built on the human relations and cooperative abilities of the students and professors. In this atmosphere students learn civic values naturally, and build them into their own scale of values.

Óbuda University is a dynamic and thriving institution located in Budapest, heart of Hungary, heart of Europe. For 132 years of existence, the educational excellence has remained paramount. The history of our institution is spanning over three centuries. Óbuda University was established as of 1 January 2010, as a legal successor of Budapest Tech – and its legal predecessors, namely Donát Bánki Technical College, Kálmán Kandó Technical College, and the Technical College of Light Industry. The fundamental mission of the University is to serve science and the future by transferring and developing knowledge at high standards and by research and innovation.

Óbuda University has an excellent conditions for world-class research and education, a multi-cultural flair in labs and lecture halls and active promotion of international partnerships. The university is a leading institution and an attractive, international place for study and research for many people. Óbuda University maintains wide international relations in 41 countries.. We keep contacts with 231 foreign higher education institutions and research institutes. We coordinate several student and academic exchange programs.

University offer the following programs in English:

Undergraduate programs with Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees:

Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Industrial Product Design Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Technical Management

Graduate programs with Master of Science (MSc) degrees:

Applied Mathematics
Computer Engineering
Mechatronics Engineering

Doctoral Schools with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees:

Doctoral School of Applied Informatics and Applied Mathematics
Doctoral School of Materials Sciences and Technologies
Doctoral School of Safety and Security Sciences.