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Business educate entrepreneurial, independent experts prepared to face challenges at the local, national and globalfostering a culture of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial attitudes
development of creativity used in the practice of business
breaking stereotypes and forming an open innovation of thinking and procedure
modern education personnel based on new technologies
setting new trends in the field of higher vocational education.

The basic strategic goals of the University development are as follows:
continuous development of teaching activities of the University on the basis of cooperation with economic and social environment
commercialization and knowledge transfer from university to companies and other organizations
participation in projects of national and international cooperation in the field of teaching and research
The university implements strategic objectives by:
implementation of educational programs created in collaboration with enterprises
delegation of representatives of business activities and the implementation of activities in the real business environment
conducting classes in computer labs business using innovative teaching techniques
the use of tools in the education of information technology, including support of independent work of student education through mobile
the exchange of students within the framework of international programs, including apprenticeships and internships abroad
the development of their business facilities in order to create employment opportunities for graduates, apprenticeship and internships during their studies
development of cooperation with foreign universities through the creation of joint study programs, certificates and diplomas
development research center operating efficiently in the provision of advisory services and knowledge transfer from university to business entitiesInternational Higher Business School in Warsaw BECO

Courses Offered:

International Higher Business School in Warsaw

1.International Business
full-time study -2600

2. Economics & Project Management
full-time study -2600 EUR

3. Human Resources Management
full-time study -2600 EUR

4. Hotel Management
full-time study -2600 EUR

5. Managerial Economics
full-time study -2600 EUR

6. E- Business & Entrepreneuership
full-time study -2600 EUR

7. Marketing Management
full-time study -2600 EUR