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Our vision, together with our international centres, is to be an evolving organisation, making a difference in meeting everyone’s aspirations and enhancing motivation by encouraging innovation, communication, ideas, debates and arguments on globalisation, education and societies.

Throughout its existence, the eie educational group has evolved with multinational clientele from Europe, Asia, South America and the Middle East. Through eie educational group, lifelong learning opportunities are available to all.

Our success is built on a long-standing commitment to the specific needs of international students. As we expand our worldwide networks, partnerships, investments and social commitments, the eie educational group is redefining the landscape of modern education.

The eie educational group aims to develop the appropriate competencies and knowledge needed in planning, evaluation, research and development tasks in education and related fields in the midst of societal changes, both on local and global levels. This network gives us the key to be competitive and to share the collective experience and continuous professional development with our clients.